Even if your customers were not demanding green solutions in construction, agriculture and transport,  - and it's no secret that they are - profits cannot be sustained in any industry without controlling the cost of operation.


Since the cost of energy plays a defining role in the overall cost structure, solutions must be implemented to minimize the volume of diesel used in day to day operation. Remote supervision of assets is a good start, however, it is not feasible to task fleet management teams with supervising and controlling every single transaction that takes place during the company's daily work. This must be automated.


Digital transformation is set up to fail if it is aiming to create the ultimate "Big Brother" within the business. Digital processes must support all stakeholders and they have to do so in a respectful and creative way. The benefits of working with digital tools must be provided without increasing the stress people experience at work, otherwise they will not use these tools.


This is why we say that a digital diesel management system must be easy to use.


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