A brilliantly simple industrial IoT device turns your smartphone into a high performance fuel pump controller and tank gauging system.


All diesel related measurement and transaction data reliably uploaded and safely managed in the cloud. Data integrity ensured using block-chain technology


An expert operator team monitors all systems for you. The team also makes sure, that all data is translated into actionable insights you can use to run your business profitably.
Machine Learning and AI enables the team to eliminate data overload and generate high quality business intelligence and financial reports. This way you work less, but get much better results and don’t have to worry about compliance either.

Turning Big Data into Actionable Insight

Yard tanks, pump controllers, automated tank gauging, fleet cards, gas station receipts, itineraries, IBCs, reordering, compliance, maintenance, levels, refueling, Diesel bug, AdBlue, loading bills, fuel economy, geofencing, weather data, road user charges, tolls, driver behavior, efficiencies, optimization, incident response, CO2 footprint, reports, forecasts, fraud, theft, wastage… does any of this sound familiar?


The FUELBOXX Hardware as a Service makes top technology available for small or mobile tanks, remote sites, off-grid deployment, greenfield and brownfield projects. The system utilizes the end users’ mobile phone to provide unparalleled user comfort.
The device also supports retrofitting legacy pump equipment. This enables low cost sustainable digital transformation by reduced investment need and e-waste.
The use of distributed ledger (block-chain) technology rounds up the other security features of the system for data integrity.


The installer friendly design speeds up the training of certified installers. The rapidM2M technology simplifies device management and enables on- and off-grid operation. The device is highly tolerant of power cuts, cellular grid fluctuations and harsh environment.

Machine Learning is used on the edge to support remote calibration and to detect anomalies of operation. This reduces the transferred data volume and saves communication charges.Artificial Intelligence supports the seamless cross reporting and forecasting on diesel stock and usage data from various sources at the same time: yard tanks. IBCs, sled tanks, truck stops, fleet cards, maintenance records, traffic and weather reports, etc.


Even the most careful and thorough fuel administrator cannot deliver the same quality of fuel management process execution as a specialized operator team supported by high performance analytic software.


Forestry Operation in Hainfeld, Austria

Franz runs a small forestry operation and a family beef farm in Lower Austria. He fuels his machinery from a 10 000 litre yard tank and two 1000 litre IBCs. The seasonal logger teams occasionally cause him headaches, when they only report low tank levels, when a delivery is needed instantly. He has had trouble with random spikes in fuel usage in the past, but says that monitoring solutions are not feasible for his yearly usage of 150 000 litres of diesel fuel.


Market Gardeners in Pukekohe, New Zealand

The company is farming a diverse composition of large and small blocks, spreading across the district. Two 30 000 litre yard tanks with RFID equipped fuel pump controllers in the two main storage sites, two 3000 litre tanks with mechanical meters near the furthest blocks, and eight, 500 litre capacity trailers without any metering shifted around the blocks as needed.

Frank W.S. (owner):

“I know how much I spend every month on diesel in total, and have a rough idea about which areas needed most of it, but I cannot tell exactly how much diesel I used  for each block of onions or carrots, let alone if any of it was stolen or wasted.

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